Your S.o.O OCs!

Now this is exciting! Here we have all the original characters created by fans FOR the comic itself! I will provide a link to their creators AND a link to wherever you can read the characer's bio. If you haven't already you're more than welcome to join the fun! The "Serpents of Old" universe is a vast one and I intend for the story to be long.. so why not make it personal? 

If you are interested please read the all-important 


and then send me a PM!


AL by SurpriseItsAlexis


Cassandra Seng by Chibi-Tohru

Ian and Cassandra by Chibi-tohru

Mr. and Mrs. Seng by Chibi-tohru

Tia by Dreamfollower


Beleg by I-see-ghosts


Greysha by After-the-Breaking


Charisse by CHatterBOx010

Etzel by CHatterBOx010


Greken by Jesus Munoz


Taya and Jasmine by BrickercupMasterX3


Ryder by Alicia

Wex and Jules by EcM  <3

Nisha by Hapycow


Lycoris (The Ghost) by WolfsharkCC

Mara and Tael by PearOfDiscord

Rewald by BattlePyramid


Delilah by TheD-Wrek


Eliza by EmmaDilemma



Kyle by Rufiangel



Mylon and Myra by MST3KFan


Abbaline by Ten Penny Officer



Octavia by Centcomm



Syrus and Sonya by Zartala


Mirabet and Danrean by Lear-is-not-amused


SOO OC - Zen and Mai by azureXtwilight-rllz

Zen and Mai by azureXtwilight

Sid by Alicia 


Zara by LilBlueBox

And there ya have it! For now ^_^

Like I said if you're interested and have any questions please shoot me a private message! If I have a need for a specific type of character it's more likely that I'll use him or her more often in the it never hurts to ask!

If you have a DA you can join the 


where you can easily submit your characters and interact with the others OR ask me questions!