Chapter 8.2-- Closer Look

posted 15th May 2020, 11:46 AM

Chapter 8.2-- Closer Look
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15th May 2020, 11:46 AM


Seems like this Doctor fellow is....covering up here, doesn't it? :0

Next week will be the formal introduction of these characters along with a new voting incentive that goes along with it that I'm excited to share with you! :3


Thanks for your patience guys!

I actually have some exciting news. I've recently (FINALLY) become inspired to start working on restructuring the old chapters so I can redo the pages and get SoO ready to print! The first 7 chapters will be the first book...and it needs to be something I'm proud of. I have chapter 1 rewritten and it's already much much better--don't worry the story hasn't changed just some important character development scenes. Ah you'll see!

So as I redo the pages... I will only post them when I have a full scene finished do keep the flow smooth for new readers...but I will let you guys know so you can go back and read if you want. Orr just wait to read it all in the book. I haven't felt this inspired over SoO in years so I feel really good! I'm gonna work on a patreon finally now that I have a clear vision because I need to be able to justify all the time I'm going to be spending on this haha-- I do want to keep new pages coming out every week too, but there may be a week or two where it's late or slow. I'll let you know! But if you guys have any suggestions for what you might like to see as incentives please send em' my way! Thank yoou!

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15th May 2020, 11:55 AM


Now is he covering up for the Serpents, or covering up so that people don't panic and go out hunting for some snake?

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15th May 2020, 1:12 PM


Hehe that is something we will find out, I suppose! Next page should clear things up! ;D

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15th May 2020, 12:07 PM


Oooh yus, a cover up! You got some 'splainin' to do, doctor! Heehee... :3

I'm so excited to see the restructure of your first few chapters! It's a lot of work but... I mean you've come so far. When I go back and look on the old ones, I think of the potential with your new and improved art, writing and storytelling... it's gonna be wonderful! Thanks for going through so much work on this comic-- we all appreciate it so much! <3

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15th May 2020, 1:13 PM


Aww thanks buddy, that means a lot! Thank you for all these years of support and also for being willing to proofread the new writing <33--nice to know you've got my back!

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15th May 2020, 12:54 PM


Doctor: "He must have accidentally fallen into his own knife or something. But we can totally rule out that he was bitten by any snake-like creatures."
Villagers: "That's... a weirdly specific thing to rule out, but who are we to disagree with our doctor."

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15th May 2020, 1:19 PM


LOL Yea.... well point out the puncture wounds it's pretty obvious a serpent-like creatur
e killed him..whereas if he was just stabbed in the back ANY ol' person could've done it! Lol that's his reasoning anyway :P

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15th May 2020, 1:38 PM


More to come because I'm at work right now... Seems I was a page to early with my joke last week so I'll repeat the punchline...


Seriously, I think the doctor is a little scared of the guy in the hooded cloak, so is afraid to say anything.

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15th May 2020, 5:59 PM


Hahaha I suppose we'll find out next page just what his relationship is with that mysterious cloaked figure :3

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15th May 2020, 5:19 PM


That’s amazing, Serpy! I’m so happy for you! Please let us know when the print versions are available. Are you self publishing?

So we’re gonna ignore the fact that the doctor looks like Ben Franklin... ok. Cool. :P

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15th May 2020, 6:01 PM


Aw thank you Alston! As of right now my plan is to self publish but...heck if I COULD get a legitimate publisher behind me it'd really push me to get what needs to be done done FASTER lol. I'm tryin to weigh all my options! ^_^

LOL he does huh? Yes he does. I've always imagined him looking this way and can't get around it hahaha

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15th May 2020, 6:50 PM


OC commissions might be fun as incentives!

And this is really cool Serpy, it’s be awesome to get SoO in print, my sisters would flip. I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired, I hope you do really well.

Also, hooded lady...not sure what to think about her yet, hmmmmm

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16th May 2020, 9:08 AM


Ohh that's a good idea! *puts that in my back pocket*

Awww thank you so much! Tell your sisters I think they're awesooooooome and I said thank yooou! It's nice to feel excited about this again haha..ya know? It's been a while! Always loved it but I lacked inspiration for quite a while

Haha MYSTERIOUSsss hooded person :3 (I think next page will give ya the answers you need! ;D)

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16th May 2020, 10:04 AM


Aw, I’ll tell them!

Yeah my sisters are smarter than me and they think they’ve figured out who the girl is already XD I guess we’ll see!

view HeSerpenty's profile

16th May 2020, 7:46 PM


LOL I can't wait to find out what they think! But indeed a formal introduction is to happen next week!

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15th May 2020, 7:54 PM


Oh, Doc! Why are you omitting certain facts! I'm no doctor, but even I can see what caused it. XD

I always like your backgrounds; they give it dimension! Nice!

Yay for excitement and motivation! You were working hard, and I could feel as you approached this chapter, you were getting more enthusiastic. Awesome! Very interested to see your new work for the redux!

Again, (I sound like a broken record) don't worry about delays! We'll be here! :D

view HeSerpenty's profile

16th May 2020, 7:48 PM


Haha very suspicious! Aaand kinda sad that grandpa went through all this trouble aaand the ONE human who'd try to cover for the serpents is one of the ones to find him first x"D. More to learn next week! :D

Thank you so much! It feels good to be excited again about my story-- it's been a rough couple of years. I'm glad that all you guys got my back! <3

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17th May 2020, 2:02 PM


Hmmmmm I may be too suspicious here, but who's in the cloak??? And what history does the doc have to recgonize the bite and know the dangers of talking about it openly?

Also YAY I'm so excited you're moving towards print! And although I think your early pages are just fine, I know what it's like as a creator to just wanna go back and fix stuff. We'll be here cheering you on! :D

view HeSerpenty's profile

19th May 2020, 3:28 PM


Hehe all to be revealed next page! Along with the voting incentive I'm workin on I think you'll all have a pretty good idea of things :D

Haha and you are too kind! But you know, as I read back there are some things I can barely stomach and it's not just the art. Like.. no matter how much work you put in to a character you don't REALLY get a feel for how they talk and what they do until you start putting them in the comic. And there are some things I definitely need to fix haha. Also prop up the story better. I see now why it is so important to write it all out first so you can go back and make edits BEFORE you go public buuut I think SoO is still obscure enough to get away with doing this LOL. And Nothing important is changing...just some of the dialogue scenes. All events are still the same! I truly believe that long time readers will be agree with me on some of these changes.

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