Chapter 6.4-- Keymen Meet Zen

posted 10th Sep 2017, 8:00 AM

Chapter 6.4-- Keymen Meet Zen
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10th Sep 2017, 8:00 AM


Keymen's finally having a talk with Zen...

Wonder what job he has in mind for him! :3

Congrats to DLKMusic And LilBlueBox for the only two in all the sites to call out Zen as a guess for who Key is coming to converse with! Both of you get free headshots! Which we shall discuss via PM! :3

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!!


Ughh Sorry for the late page, my friends. Busy Busy week. Thank you for your patience!

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10th Sep 2017, 8:13 AM


Ha ha, I love the comedic timing of him falling over when Keymen calls him out. XD Also, I really like Keymen's outfit here too! <3 And the panel layouts and the atmosphere and the backgrounds and-- okay the whole page is just really good!

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11th Sep 2017, 11:51 AM


Hahaha thank you so much! That is really good to hear! XD
LOL Zen was knocked off his feet just now X"D

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10th Sep 2017, 8:57 AM


I like the atmosphere.

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11th Sep 2017, 12:08 PM


10th Sep 2017, 10:57 AM


Keymen is pretty sharp!

(No need to be sorry) :)

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11th Sep 2017, 12:08 PM


Hahaha that he is X33

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10th Sep 2017, 12:43 PM


Oooh very smart indeed! I should have known he'd get down to business. Despite his cheerful demeanor, he's a determined and smart man >:)

Should be careful of what may be lingering in the fog though >.> (I'm getting paranoia suspicious...)

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11th Sep 2017, 12:09 PM


That's absolutely right! That cheeful demeanor of his catches people off guard when he starts gettin' down to business :3. Tis part of his strategy!

LOL that fog does look rather ominous!

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10th Sep 2017, 1:13 PM

The Accidental Ninja

Keymen doing yoga... this is amazing xDD
Also danggg, all of his faces on this page are fantastic!

view HeSerpenty's profile

11th Sep 2017, 12:09 PM


LOL ikr? He does it all! XDD

Thank yoou so much! <3

view MST3KFan's profile

10th Sep 2017, 3:00 PM


You can't fool Keymen. He knows all!

view HeSerpenty's profile

11th Sep 2017, 12:10 PM


That's right! Tho technically.... he knows because he happened to be eavesdroppin on his talk with Merek LOL. Nothin to impressive there X"DDD

view Centcomm's profile

10th Sep 2017, 3:21 PM


.. ok so this is TWO people hes enlisting to do things.. I see a pattering maybe! :D yeah, Maybe!

Thank you for the page!

view HeSerpenty's profile

13th Sep 2017, 3:24 PM


Hahaha yesss Keymen likes to play multiple cards at once! Part of his strategy! Harder to keep track of ;D

Thank YOU for reading the page! <3

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10th Sep 2017, 4:39 PM


Keyman's Keys to success!

1 - Formulate a plan (frames 1-3)
2 - Execute plan (Frames 4-8)
3 - Blackmail target (frames 9-11)

Take notes, class, there will be a pop quiz on this later in the week.

(NOTE: for those of you who consider "Blackmail" too ugly of a word, you may use "3 - offer a personalized incentive" as an acceptable substitute.)

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13th Sep 2017, 3:25 PM


LOL this is a beautiful comment that illustrates very well what is going on here... which makes me glad because that means the page probably sent the message the way it was supposed to! :D

LOL blackmail is a good word..we can keep it yus XDD

view SunnySideUpSmile's profile

10th Sep 2017, 5:11 PM


(Can't stop laughing) I love this page! lol For one who defies gravity, Zen is awfully good at falling down...

view HeSerpenty's profile

13th Sep 2017, 3:25 PM


LOL this pleases me! Hahahahha in that page both these particular characters are too good for this whole "gravity thing" LOLOL

view Seabiscuit's profile

10th Sep 2017, 6:25 PM


Gosh, how he just joins in the exercising really cracks me up for some reason~~ :'D

view HeSerpenty's profile

13th Sep 2017, 3:26 PM


Hahahaha well good! it's about time somthing funny happened around here! XDD

10th Sep 2017, 7:09 PM


OMGGG and this is right after I return to comicfury! Can't think of a better welcome back gift... Thanks a looot serpy <3333

view azureXtwilight's profile

10th Sep 2017, 7:14 PM


Aaand this is azure of course, I just forgot to log in XD

view HeSerpenty's profile

13th Sep 2017, 3:35 PM


Hahaha YUSSS I was excited for you to see this page!! And I'm so happy you are back to CF!! <3

view Matt Knab's profile

11th Sep 2017, 2:13 PM

Matt Knab

It WOULD be nice if those two would start working together, Merek and Keyman that is, unless they already are and that's why he knows about the informant!

view HeSerpenty's profile

21st Sep 2017, 5:20 PM


Hahaha true that! I should say that Merek and Keymen work rather closely together however.. Keymen dose go off on his own little helpful ventures! (omg I can'tbelieve I never answered this comment!)

view junoro's profile

11th Sep 2017, 10:46 PM


O: oooh yes! More Zen! Poor, Zen, though, he really isn't smooth. :'D

view HeSerpenty's profile

21st Sep 2017, 5:46 PM


Hahaha he not as smooth as he thinks!!!

15th Sep 2017, 7:05 PM


And in the second panel, scheming Keymen comes back to play! Not that he ever left, except for maybe when he was face to face with Gwynn.

I'm always in awe of the page progresses. The difference between flatted colors and shaded ones is just amazing and I love it. It's SO cool to see. The back of Keymen's head in the first panel sticks out in my memory in particular, no idea why, just does. And ooooh, his eyes. Seeing them in flats first just makes the shaded version that much more magnificent.

But as for page content, hello Zen! It's good (I think?) to see you! This page was great; it's a nice break from all the doom and gloom and serious tension that we've had going on lately, interlude excepted, of course. Keymen joining Zen on morning exercises is exactly what I expected him to do, and not only did he not disappoint, but it was as amusing as I was hoping. Good on you, Keymen, the smiles are much appreciated!

And of course thanks go to Zen for that WONDERFUL balancing act in the third to last panel. Bravo. I grinned like a loon. :D And what is up with the one gauntlet thingie there, Zen?

Speaking of clothes, I hope Keymen has more patience with buckles than I do. That's a LOT of them he's wearing right now. And I bet he's wearing more that we can't see. I would make a joke about him being a Final Fantasy character but you don't play the games. XD Rest assured it would have been great, the artist for those games has this thing for putting characters in clothes with the most unnecessary buckles and zippers EVERYWHERE.

At least Keymen's buckles make sense. Guess he's not a Final Fantasy character after all. XD

Zen, you are the worst secret-keeper ever. Stop lying to the lying master, you suck at it.

Keymen... I'd tell you to be nice but I mean. It's ZEN. XD And you wouldn't listen to me anyway.

That middle panel's weirdly great, with them stretching like that. Nice full-body action there. XD

I still appreciate the fog. :]

view HeSerpenty's profile

26th Sep 2017, 9:42 PM


Hahaha Zen and Keymen both with their balancing acts--they're quite a pair haha! I been looking forward to introducing these guys...they're both kind of quirky X"D

Haha yeaaa weell.. Zen isn't quite on Keymen's level to be fair! XDDD
He's much more formidable than Merek in a lot of ways he don't know what he's getting into! XDD

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21st Sep 2017, 4:49 PM


Ah dangit. Well, nice meeting, nice page. ^_^

view HeSerpenty's profile

26th Sep 2017, 9:43 PM


Hahaha thanks so much Alston!

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