Chapter 6.2-- Almost There

posted 27th Aug 2017, 1:40 AM

Chapter 6.2-- Almost There
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27th Aug 2017, 1:40 AM


Fun Fact: Guns are a very new human invention in SoO and the serpents have no idea about them. Well maybe one does XD. And another might find out XDD


Thank you for your patience everyone X__X. I am proud of myself tho for getting this page done in under 7 days XD..since the last one was late as well. Alas..

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27th Aug 2017, 3:13 AM


Is it okay for me to start commenting here instead of tapas? You seem to be updating way ahead around here! And it's finally glad to see Keymen's serpent form! He looks really posh with that silver color! And... Grandpa. Good-bye.

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28th Aug 2017, 11:00 AM


OF COURSE!! I am happy to have you back! <3333
Hahah I'm sureyou meant Kalverick instead of Keymen but YUS...he's rather posh yes hahahahaha. Awww you don't think Grampy stands a chance even with his gun? SOMEone's not gonna have a good day here in a bit! XDD

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28th Aug 2017, 4:56 PM


Whoops, sorry, my bad! GuessIwassleepy XD

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27th Aug 2017, 3:25 AM


Come on Baldy! Take that bastard down :D

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28th Aug 2017, 1:04 PM


LOL! Awww poor Kal :P(hahhahaha)

27th Aug 2017, 5:22 AM


I hope his powder stayed dry!

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28th Aug 2017, 1:04 PM


For his sake!

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27th Aug 2017, 5:52 AM

Matt Knab

Yeah, adding firearms to the mix definitely levels the playing field.
And humans have the number advantage, if this really blows up.

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28th Aug 2017, 1:04 PM


Yeaa haha. Against guns and numbers it doesn't look too good for our serpent friends :"D

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27th Aug 2017, 5:59 AM


Oooh the tension!

Man, can I just say... Normally Kal isn't my type, but he looks pretty good with his hair all down like that. X)

PS You REALLY set up an awesome atmosphere with those fog effects! I love it!

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28th Aug 2017, 1:06 PM


LOL true story.. at first his hair was all combed back but then i remembered... uuuuuuuuh it probably wouldn't stay all neat transforming back and forth XD. he should consider letting it down more often! It has the Alicia ceal of approval!

Thank you so much!

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27th Aug 2017, 7:37 AM


Oh man...I dunno if you are a Game of Thrones fan, but there was a recent showdown that was so tense because you were hoping for neither side to get injured, yet somehow rooting for both sides to complicated! I know I'm probably not the majority here, but I feel the same way now!! Ahhh Kal look out O.O

He looks awesome in his serpent form btw...the grey suits him :)

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28th Aug 2017, 2:20 PM


Hahaha you have noooo idea how much that reference made my week LOL. I am a HUGE GoT fan! And I know exactly what you mean! Except... hahaha I think you might be one of the only one's who's hoping Kal ISN'T going to get killed as a result of this pending conflict X'DDD

Thank you soooo much!!

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27th Aug 2017, 11:22 AM


Yesssss! I am a happy happy camper! (( you and me need to talk about firearms! giggles Come on grampa! shoot him in the Jimmys! .. wait do serpents have Jimmys.. no wait does KAL! have Jimmys or did the council cut em off.

PS: Teedee has some spare pulse rifles he can use.

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28th Aug 2017, 2:23 PM


LOL!!! I'm assuming Jimmys mean balls? er...manhood? Haha well they do..'cept in serpent form they're kinda tucked inside LOL. Buuut in human form it's no different X"D. FUN FACT ABOUT SERPENT PARTS XDD

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27th Aug 2017, 12:54 PM


I am of two minds here...

On one hand, I'm REALLY hoping that grandpa's Blunderbuss is full of mixed gel capsules, containing gorilla glue and hydrochloric acid. I really think that would be swell!

On the other hand, any way this fight goes, it's gonna be bad news for both sides.

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28th Aug 2017, 2:24 PM


LOL you and Centy think of the best most painful ways to hurt Kalverick-- I love it! LOL

Buuuut you are right---either way this doesn't end well XDDD

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27th Aug 2017, 6:03 PM


Ohhh... OHHH my... Someone here's gonna get wrecked... Who to root for... D:

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28th Aug 2017, 2:25 PM


You got that right! This is quite a pickle X"D

1st Sep 2017, 8:56 AM


Ah, the finger-tapper is Grandpa! Makes sense, we all knew it would be a human and we don't know more than two of those still alive. Personally, anyway. Nice transition there; it worked really well when I went back and read both pages in succession!

Interesting design for a gun. Mostly that circle thing happening down by the trigger. Is it based off of a real gun design, or is it just for the cool factor? The fact that Grandpa's been 'saving it for something special' though.... and the fact that he qualifies shooting serpents as special.... that scares me. That scares me a LOT.

Not that Kalverick doesn't deserve to get shot, and not that Grandpa doesn't have every reason in the world to want to shoot the next serpent who comes knocking, but that's not really the point either. It's almost as if... as if he WANTS to kill serpents, not just wanting to protect Shera here, which is obviously the primary goal.

I don't know. It doesn't sit right with me. Makes my stomach all knotty and squirmy and nervous for the future.

Speaking of Kalverick, he is looking decidedly ruffled here. Been a long night, huh? Obviously he needs to invest in industrial strength hair gel. I am LOVING those clothes, aaaaack. I'm just. I'm gonna have to do an art with those clothes, or at least clothes with a similar design to them. Same function, different (read: pretty) colors. Transform-friendly clothes are amazing, yes, sign me up for these please. I also really love how well you draw your serpents now - hate to say it, since it's Kalverick, but he looks SO much better here than he does back in the day.

Soft foggy morning light looks darn good on serpent hide. I'm just saying.

You've done a really splendid job on this page. The paneling's really good, particularly Grandpa's eyes up there at the top. Lovely way to show him surveying the place and keeping and eye out for Kalverick.

Now. I have predictions, I might as well say them before the next page comes out an completely ruins them. I think it's very likely that no matter what else happens, Kalverick's going to get shot and he's going to survive it. Someone's got to bring news back to the Council about this new weapon humans have so that they can completely panic and overreact and make things a million times worse, after all.

I'm kind of hoping for a little fight between the two in which Grandpa and Kalverick both get hurt and both survive it, but I could see it working if Grandpa died here. That WOULD give Shera more motivation to go screwing things up for our protagonists, after all - but on the other hand, she doesn't really need more motivation. She already seems pretty set on it to me.

So there's my two cents. Here's to finding out what they're worth!

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8th Sep 2017, 11:30 AM


Hahaha yea that's just for the cool factor I suppose! Kinda like the hole in Sid's blade X"DDD. Hey weapons have to look cool, right?? XD
Oh yea he's been waiting for this opportunity to use this gun (they're hard to come can't just walk to a local gun store X"DD). Seems he has some sorta vendetta against serpents! WOnder how things will go between him and Kal :3

LOL well...admittedly at first I drew his hair all combed and normal and then I realized.. oohh it prolly wouldn't stay all prim n proper transforming back and forth XD

As for you predictions.. as usual they are well thought out and as usual...I respond with WE SHALL SEEEE! Lo you know how I am about spoilerz X3

Sorry it takes me so long to respond! Been another hell of a week :'D

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11th Sep 2017, 10:41 PM


OH MY WORD THERE ARE GUNS??? R.I.P. Kalverick, it was nice knowing you and your perfectly sharp face.

view HeSerpenty's profile

14th Sep 2017, 12:47 PM


LOL! So little faith in Kalverick vs Guns! XDD
She shall see how he fares...a bit later in the chapter! :3

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