Chapter 5.42-- Paranoid

posted 24th Mar 2017, 3:00 PM

Chapter 5.42-- Paranoid
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24th Mar 2017, 3:00 PM


Now the questioning look Araena gives Kalverick on the last panel of this page is answered! Of course, Kal is referencing this conversation with Keymen. I know a lot of time passes between these moments X).

Another important thing to notice is the symbol branded on Kal's torso ;D

Okay! It's still daylight AND it's friday! I'm pleased X"D. Gonna be moving this weekend..wish me luck!

Thanks for reading everybody!

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24th Mar 2017, 3:09 PM


Aw... Kal, you don't deserve a girl like Araena! She's so caring!

Also that brand on Kal's chest... WHAT?! I MUST KNOW MORE! TELL ME EVERYTHING!

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24th Mar 2017, 8:58 PM


Lol! I know, Araena is good good for him. Alas, SHE doesn't think so! One of these days I gotta tell their story :3


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24th Mar 2017, 3:15 PM


Geez, have a lady like that that cares for you, but instead you focus on the HUMAN lady that escaped!? Dude! XP

view HeSerpenty's profile

24th Mar 2017, 8:58 PM


Hahahaha! Well nice, beautiful serpent lady doesn't have his life hanging in the balance right now hahaha... tis quite the distraction!

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24th Mar 2017, 3:41 PM


I still say shes too good for em. love the page!

view HeSerpenty's profile

24th Mar 2017, 8:59 PM


Haha seems to be a general opinion on this page! XDD Thank you!

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24th Mar 2017, 4:49 PM


So I already thought Araena was pretty, but this page is on another level. Kal, if there's one thing I'm sure about (beyond that you're awful) it's that it boggles the mind that Araena puts up with you!

Also, I'm pretty sure she's got at least double the common sense. Seriously! Was Kal taking a nap when they were handing it out or something? I don't know why Kal thinks the best way to stop Keymen scheming is to LEAVE HIM ALONE TO SCHEME. It makes so little sense that I'm convinced there's some other reason for it. He's definitely afraid of Keymen, so maybe he's subconciously trying to escape via this ridiculous errand. Or maybe (although this would really be giving Kal too much credit) he still doesn't want to harm his old friend, and is running off so that he won't be the holding the knife, so to speak. For all that Kalverik is a terrible person, he's also a very interesting ball of paranoia, ambition and old, contradictary memories. Definitely don't like him, but you've done an amazing job with him!

THE SYMBOL. I've been convinced that previous symbols (like the one on Merek's arm and Keymen's letter) are somehow integral to the plot for a while now, so this is just feeding really out-there theories. At first I thought it's an elite thing, but Hizruk doesn't have it as far as I can tell. Merlock doesn't either. (I'm going to bleach my eyeballs now after going back to check what he looked like without a shirt). WHO KNOWS what Keymen's got, since I'm very sure he's never willingly going to take off that hoodie!

It also looks suspiciously like Merek's tattoo, or the general shape does anyway, and so I wonder if Merek got that tattoo to cover up the brand. Maybe it was supposed to be a perminent "reminder" of whatever Merek did to get on thin ice with the Council (presumably Hizruk-related)? If so, just what did KAL of all people do to get the same treatment? My pet theory for a while now has been that he didn't actually unequivocably betray Keymen, and now his raging paranoia about how he could "destroy everything" is an attempt to bury that, as is the whole favor-of-the-council deal.

Oh, and I love the outfits on this page! Kal's in particular looks way nicer than he deserves, although that's pretty much the theme of this page anyway :D.

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25th Mar 2017, 2:06 AM


Haha I was excited for this page to kinda show off the contrasts between them. Hey, she's the only person he'd never raise a hand too <33... LOL buuuut he'll still be snarky. It IS Kalverick afterall :P

Hahahaha you have a point about that scheming Keymen! But paranoid Kal here is thinking the scheming Council, or rather..ONE of the members... is scheming along WITH Keymen cuz he knew that information that only Kal and the Council knew about (gasp@). I can't tell ya how excited I am about telling more about Keymen and Kalverick's past :D :D

Ohhh I lovin' your theories about the symbols! Indeed we will see this one on Kal again--and it has a very specific meaning heheh.

Lolol and thank you! Kalverick really cares about how he's dressed :P (when not in uniform). This particular outfit is very practical... whiiich will be illustrated why next chapter! :D

Thanks for the beautiful comment!! :') <333

view SunnySideUpSmile's profile

24th Mar 2017, 5:17 PM


Glad he didn't rip his shirt. xD

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Mar 2017, 2:06 AM


LOL! Yes... its safe to look again, Kalverick finally covered up! XD

view azureXtwilight's profile

24th Mar 2017, 6:25 PM


Whoah, she is prettier with her hair down! Goddamnit Kal, don't you waste such a nice gal!

I am glad I made you do this page :3

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Mar 2017, 2:07 AM


LOL!! Somethin about lettin' dat hair down <3

Yeeeesss she's too good for him :P

I am too! Scene salvaged! There were some important things I needed to get out here anyway :D :D

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24th Mar 2017, 6:29 PM


more Kalverick! More drama! More muscles, too! I gotta say, he's got some nice definition there! ;D

and more bad choices, though...Kalverick, you should know that if someone in a story ever has a bad feeling, it WILL COME TRUE! Stay with the lady who loves you!

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Mar 2017, 2:08 AM


LOL!! Thank you Juno! Haha I don't think Kalverick is in a mood to accept compliments but I'll let him know he has nice definition ;D

Men should listen a little more to a woman's intuition! Pshhhh it would save them a lot of grief! I guess next chapter will reveal if she's right or not :O

view ProfEtheric's profile

24th Mar 2017, 8:18 PM


Aw... I really like Araena. Too bad she's with... him...

About things changing, they NEED to. Kalverick having the upper hand is NOT a good thing.

Also, it makes me EXTREMELY happy that Keymen is such a thorn in his side. :)

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Mar 2017, 2:10 AM


Hhaha ikr? SHe seems like a nice gal but perhaps a terrible judge of character? X"D

Hahaha change is what he's fearing the most right now X"D
Ohoho yess...a thorn in his side is absolutely right!

view Proxy170's profile

25th Mar 2017, 6:43 AM


Nooo I don't want anything bad to happen to you either! D: I know I might be in the minority here, but I think Kal might not be such a black and white "bad guy". His tactics are ruthless, yes, and he's been written to be hated, but...I feel that's due to being maybe a bit misguided. I dunno. Damn now I'm making excuses for the guy >.<

I like how you have "hssss" for his anger, not just "argh!". Shows the serpent side :) And you are very good at figure drawing! Something I should get get back to basics and practice XD That Keymen wink pose is hilariously perfect btw--exactly how I'd imagine him being pictured in someone's mind XD And Kal, you're being a bit hypocritical here by telling Araena even a little stuff, when your men just did the same thing...

Gosh, just SO much to say about this page. Good work!

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Mar 2017, 1:29 PM


Lolol Proxy I love you <3. I'm so happy there is one person who gives Kal the benefit of the doubt! Haha whether or not he has done anything to deserve it :P

Yess another display of how Kalverick is a little more in touch with his Serpenty side than most of the other characters-- he really is! Hahaha Keymen in his mind is always smug juuuust like he is in that panel LOL

Thank you so much, Prox!

view Seabiscuit's profile

25th Mar 2017, 7:56 AM


Aw man, she's better than he even deserves. Probably.:'D

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Mar 2017, 1:29 PM


Yeeeea I'd say you're probably right hahaha!

view DLKmusic's profile

25th Mar 2017, 10:25 AM


Something bad happen to Kal?

Naaaah, the rest of us just aren't that lucky....

on a side note, As a quick cautionary warning to everyone, I got a Malware warning on TWC this morning when I was voting. Everyone please be careful

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Mar 2017, 1:30 PM


LOL you been hoping something bad would happen to him for a WHILE now! Hey there might be somethin' to a woman's intuition here haha :'D
You might just get your wish!

Oh man good to know D:
Internets never been a safe place but it's getting worse! X__X

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26th Mar 2017, 9:23 PM


KIng of douchebaggery has a kind partner.. life is so unfair xD

view HeSerpenty's profile

26th Mar 2017, 11:51 PM


I know...there is no justice in life!

view MistakeNPotatoes's profile

27th Mar 2017, 2:18 PM


The plot is really starting to get interesting here, I find myself at least a little sympathetic with Kalverick here. You know I like it when everyone's relatable :D

Except the council.

I don't care for them so much.

view HeSerpenty's profile

27th Mar 2017, 2:48 PM


Thank you so much, tates! :D
That means a lot to me, you have no idea lolol <33

LOL indeed I am afraid I have to agree about that Council--- they are the worst XDD

view MistakeNPotatoes's profile

27th Mar 2017, 2:53 PM


Heyy, of course - I calls em like I sees em :)

view alston123's profile

29th Mar 2017, 7:56 AM


Ew. Someone actually cares about Kalverick? Who knew?! lol. ;P

(Sorry I haven't commented in a while. College kept me busy, but I'm all caught up now.)

view HeSerpenty's profile

29th Mar 2017, 9:56 AM


LOL! WB Alston! Always happy to see your shinin' face <33

Awwww you don't think Kalverick deserves love? X"D LOL

30th Mar 2017, 8:40 PM


I feel as if I don't have a lot to say about this page for once (because we already talked it over to death XD) but I do have some stuff!

That brand on his chest.... honestly, there are very, very few reasons to BRAND somebody, and I'm reminded of the practice of branding cattle, or slaves. No telling if that's what's going on here or not - I feel as if I don't have enough information yet to make an informed theory - but.... I wouldn't put it past the Council to brand their umbra. And it looks like a stylized 'Z' - for the Zedrahen Viper Nation, perhaps?

THANK you, Kal, for finally putting on a shirt. And I prefer Araena with her hair down; yes, I'm repeating myself, but I do. She looks much better with it down. And the eyeshadow actually looks like it fits her face that way.

I'm infinitely curious about how these two even got together. Looking forward to that story for sure.

The fourth line of panels is easily my favorite. The first three panels are well put together, well sequenced, and you've got magnificent expression. I do enjoy Araena lounging on the bed. It looks right, and her expression in panel three of that line is the best look she has on the entire page, though it may be on par with her next expression.

And weirdly enough.... Kal, in those first two panels in line three? Really, really excellently done. I just love how you've drawn him there. It's the best he's EVER looked. Particularly those cheekbones in the first panel; you've done a very good job of making him look sleek and skinny and bad and it works. That umbra uniform of his does not do him any favors, that's for sure.

Then again, I'm pretty sure NOBODY is flattered by the umbra uniforms, so... XD

In any event, well done.

view HeSerpenty's profile

1st Apr 2017, 1:42 AM


Ahh yes... indeed a branding WOULD suggest a type of ownership! What's up with THAT?? Hahah we will find out! :3

LOL awwww... I personally thought Kalverick's naked torso was his best feature (aside from his cheekbones hahahaha)! I do really wanna tell the KalverickXAraena story...REALLY bad! I know it must be shell shock seeing Kalverick not abusing somebody! XDD But I do think its worth telling ^__^. It seems to be a lot more than a "release steam bed-buddy" that people might EXPECT this sort of relationship with Kalverick to be like :'D. More developments on that to come!
Thank you so much! Haha it's interesting to see how the characters evolve as I get better at drawing them--- the urge to redo the art of older pages grows ever stronger!

view LeRenardRoux's profile

31st Mar 2017, 10:38 AM


It's a brand?! Owwww. D:

view HeSerpenty's profile

1st Apr 2017, 1:43 AM


Indeed! But it's Kalverick, so it's okay! Right? X"DD

view Vivocateur's profile

1st Apr 2017, 10:39 AM


I thiiiiiiink you should probably take heed of these 'feelings' Kalverick...just call ot a hunch >_>
Hmmm...interesting. I wonder who's going around branding people (seems like it might be the work of the council to me...ot would be just their style).
I agree with the other commenters: Araena is really pretty <3
(Though I think my favourite part of this page has got to be the taunting memory of winky "HeeEEeey!" Keymen. X'D )

view HeSerpenty's profile

15th Apr 2017, 1:58 PM


Omg TenPenny I'm so sorry I somehow missed this comment! D: (I wish CF wouldn't delete the notice of a comment right after we see it X"D)

We will learn all the specifics about that brand... but I'm sure when we do it won't be all that surprising heheh

I'm so glad that everyone likes Araena's design! Kal is a lucky lucky guy x"D.
LOL Keymen.. always so smug XD

view merlinnia's profile

13th Jun 2017, 12:13 PM


That Keymen flashback pose.... xD

view HeSerpenty's profile

13th Jun 2017, 12:23 PM


He's smug past, present and future! XDDD

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