Chapter 5.33-- The Interviews

posted 23rd Jan 2017, 1:41 AM

Chapter 5.33-- The Interviews
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23rd Jan 2017, 1:41 AM


AT LAST. UGH I'm sorry it took so long, but... I mean... look at this dam thing X"D.

SO! We have the interviews---guest starring a few of the cameos that previously appeared earlier in the chapter INCLUDING:

Isabella from The Airship Legacy
Carson from Silver
Mercy Black from Autumn Bay
Dear reader DLKMusic who volunteered himself to be the piano player at Hoak's! Thank you sir <33

LOL I do hope y'all enjoy the cameos! And the reappearances of some characters from previous chapters <3
(Pony, wherever you are...did you think I was kidding when I said I was really gonna name that guy Peanukkle thanks to you? LOL)

ANYWAYS thanks for your patience everyone! ANd thank you for reading!


view Vivocateur's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 2:15 AM


Wow! That is a BEAST of a page! Great cameos too (there's always something awesome about seeing CF characters traveling between comic dimensions XD).

It seems that (so far, at least) Hoak's staff and patrons aren't going to share any compromising information...but this (lol) Peanukkle looks like he could be in for some unpleasant questions >:]

view HeSerpenty's profile

24th Jan 2017, 2:15 AM


It really is haha! I don't think i can do this very often X__X X"DD
(now my normal pages are gonna feel so small :P)

Haha everyone is on the same page! Haha buuut poor Peanukkle..... he is going in with too much confidence x"DD

view azureXtwilight's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 2:38 AM


Kal's method is "torture the shit outta them 'till they cry for mommy and confess". So Sir, I am praying for your well-being right now.

view HeSerpenty's profile

24th Jan 2017, 2:16 AM


As you should be! Haha afterall.. Kalverick is responsible for all of the deaths so far X"DDD

view rufiangel's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 6:11 AM


Hooooleeee smokes, I am in awe of this page - well DONE Serpy! I am so amazed at your resilience! XD;;;

I'm really worried for Peanukkle though :'D Kal is pretty darn quick on the uptake - he's realised something a little fishy is going on with the civilians not knowing *anything* and I have a bad feeling he's going to worm out the truth from poor Peanukkle :< (dat name XD pony lol)

In other news... KYLE YOU LOOKIN' MIGHTY FINE <3333 XD

view HeSerpenty's profile

24th Jan 2017, 9:08 PM


Haha thank you Rufiii! It took a lot outta me this page XDD <333

Yussss you are thinking along the right track about Kal here haha. He is responsible for a lot of the injury and all of the death in this comic so far x"DDD

Hehe YAY thanks! Kyle IS fine, I luv him <3333 (Thank YOU <33)

view Carvone's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 10:06 AM


Oh wow, you weren't kidding when you said this page would be big. This is amazing!

I was expecting this to go so much worse, considering what happened to poor Baldy (that's his name to me anyway). But the Umbra bar lives up to its name. (I love that it has a nickname that EVEN the council knows).

Speaking of which, all the "interrogation" panels look beautiful! I especially love the first one with Nisha, where she's sort of fading into the gloom behind her. And the angle is making her look a lot more vulnerable that usual. You did a really great job on them!

Kal. KAL. Why are you always around to make things worse! You're like the freaking monkey paw, except you don't even pretend there's an upside. Leave that poor guy alone right this minute! Or snake soup!

view HeSerpenty's profile

24th Jan 2017, 9:14 PM


Thank you so much! It was a lot of work but I"m glad I did it this way xDD

Yeeea Kal doesn't have a good track record with civilians in this setting so far does he :'D haha.. Peanukkle should be more worried than he is XDD

LOL snake soup XDDD--- you know I heard snake is quiet delicious! haha

view Proxy170's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 10:19 AM


DAAAAANG Serpy this is huge! But totally worth the wait :D I gotta say, you nailed some interrogation techniques in this page, all very valid! I feel bad for the last guy though...something tells me he's gonna get GRILLED, and Serpents don't believe info under duress is unreliable...

That Daggot panel is perfect btw XD He just gets me every time lol.

I'm so excited to get to this next part that you're excited about, because when the author is excited you know it's juicy stuff!

view HeSerpenty's profile

24th Jan 2017, 11:28 PM


Thank you Proxy I am so glad! This entire page was a challenge especially figuring out those interrogation panels hahaha.

Yeeea it's not good to be Peanukkle right now :'D

LOL first and only mention of the Daggot hahahhaa! I was beginning to think he got lost in all this madness :P

view Seabiscuit's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 1:09 PM


Heheheh, I love how coordinated they are.:'D
But, uh oh... D:

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Jan 2017, 11:28 PM


Haha it's good to know when you have a group of friends who have your back!

view Alicia's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 2:02 PM


Serpy... You should have given yourself two weeks for this monster page. This is insane! And LOOKIT! A Carson cameo AND one of my serpent OCs? Serpy is spoiling me. XD And Carson looks DANG fine on this page. Maybe it's those adorable serpent teeth? :3

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Jan 2017, 11:29 PM


Lolol I can't help but agree XDD-- it's a challenge to get THIS one out on Friday X'DDD

Hhaha and YEP! I is spoilin you but I'm also spoilin myself cuz I love those guys <333.
LOL and I'm so glad you think so!

view Matt Knab's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 3:10 PM

Matt Knab

Does this count as a double update? :D
Uh oh, does he have leverage on this last one, or does he just want to try out some more...aggressive questioning?

view HeSerpenty's profile

25th Jan 2017, 11:31 PM


LOL it really should! But my point of making it so huge was so I wouldn't havta spend weeks with this scene.. but now i'm strugglin to get the next one done on time X"DD

Haha probably the latter would be my guess knowing Kalverick ;P

view ProfEtheric's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 5:57 PM


Okay, I finally caught back up! (I am seriously going to try not to fall behind again... things just got hectic.)

SO GOOD! It's awesome seeing your take on my Mercy, and the plot is AMAZING!

(Seriously, I may steal bits of your design for the next time she shows up in AB.)

Keep up what you've been doing, Serpy. It is AWESOMEGOOD! <3

view HeSerpenty's profile

26th Jan 2017, 2:22 AM


Prof it totally made my day when I read this!! <333
Thank you so much I'm so glad you enjoyed the catch up read! :D
And I'm SOOO Happy you're happy with SoO-version of Mercy! I love dat lady <3-- Haha it was fun to try to come up with her signature black n white in this universe.
Her, along with Isabella and Carson, are gonna be regular card players at Hoak's assuming all you guys are okay with it! <33

Thanks for the reading and support Prof! <3

view DLKmusic's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 6:16 PM


OMG! Serpy! He's Awesome! Now I wanna headshot so I change my Avatar!!!! You even pegged EXACTLY what I would've said!

That's totally epic, Serpy! You completely ROCKED everything about this page... and even the one-liners managed to capture the characters of all the OPC's!

"Tips Hat"

P.S. Take care in all this rain, you're area likes to flood a lot.

view HeSerpenty's profile

26th Jan 2017, 2:24 AM


HAHA YAY I'm so glad!! I was especially nervous with your cameo only cuz it's not really a cameo of a CHARACTER but of YOU haha. He's gonna be fun hehe.

WHat should I call this SoO-verse you? I can totes get away with callin' him Don-- but you have any good ideas? ;D

Thank you so much!

Yesss thankfully I didn't get caught in any of the flash floods but I heard some local stories! gonna be boring blue skies for the rest of this week tho XDD

view DLKmusic's profile

26th Jan 2017, 4:32 AM


lol, if pressed a second time on that question, I would have said... "there's only 2 things I pay attention to when I work. Which people put bread in my jar, and what songs they request."

As for a name, you can always use one of the "classics"... "Ivory" might be a good call cause you dressed him in white, but there's also "LL" (short for lounge lizard, which is also kinda strangely appropriate for SoO"), "88", and of course "Sam"... I might even play it again! (please tell me you got that joke!).

Last I heard, we'll be getting another storm this weekend, but a weatherman said that so I don't know how trustworthy it is!

view MST3KFan's profile

23rd Jan 2017, 10:36 PM


Lots of stuff here, Serpy. Dang!

Well, they all seem to well covered for things, but now Kal is stepping up to interrogate, which means I'm thinking this last poor soul is gonna break.

view HeSerpenty's profile

27th Jan 2017, 9:13 PM


Haha yes it is!

And yes... you are probably right about that X"D...things don't bode well in the forcast for poor Peanukkle X'D

view alston123's profile

24th Jan 2017, 11:15 AM


Aw, this page is amazing! I can imagine it must have taken forever!!!!!!!!!!

All for one and one for all! :D:D:D:D:D:D

view HeSerpenty's profile

27th Jan 2017, 9:13 PM


IT DID!! Hahahaha killer page! X"D

THanks so much!

view Centcomm's profile

25th Jan 2017, 9:21 AM


Holy crap Serpenty!! I love this page!!! BTW can i have the red head? Shes hella cute.. Oh.. right the Red head with the straight long hair!!!

Fantastic page!

view HeSerpenty's profile

27th Jan 2017, 9:15 PM



Lolol well.. perhaps you may BORROW her? XDDD
I think she'd be spunky enough to fit in in your world LOL

view Centcomm's profile

28th Jan 2017, 12:00 AM


view Jarvi's profile

25th Jan 2017, 11:08 AM


Uhhhhh somehow I doubt this last guy will manage to get away so easily :o

view HeSerpenty's profile

27th Jan 2017, 9:15 PM


I think you are right! XDD

26th Jan 2017, 10:03 PM


Ah, yes, Peanukkle. Also known as Jerky Dude! I kinda love his design. I didn't think I did, but I do. Something tells me playing dumb really isn't going to work here. At all. ._. Call me crazy, but Merek's little bubble of not wanting innocents to be hurt? Feels like foreshadowing to me.

"THAT RYDER GUY OWES ME MONEY!" I laughed. Best panel. I particularly love how you chose to make it an explodey panel instead of a regular one; it both breaks up what could potentially have gotten monotonous, and really gets his tone of voice across. And the FACEPALM on that Council member. Yes. Win.

I'm also laughing at said Council member's terrible facial hair. Hint: Buy a working razor. Second hint: Learn how to use it. People might respect you more maybe.

Oh man, all these wonderful, wonderful cameos. They make me smile~ Carson, Isabella, and Mercy playing cards is something I never knew I needed until now. It's glorious. I can just imagine the cheating going on at that table. XD

And I adore how all these people look all serpenty. It's prooobably the teeth, but Mercy pulls off those eyes like WOAH. :]

Niiiiishaaaaaa, I love you. Best bartender. (I also don't believe you when you say 'with respect'. Because come ooon. I know better than THAT. XD)

Ryder. Ryder, Ryder, Ryder. Seriously? XD He made me grin though, so that's something. I mostly just grinned throughout this entire page, actually; it was an absolute joy to read. And I noticed the ginormous size this time, yaaaay~

Of course the Council doesn't expect loyalty out of bar patrons. The Council wouldn't know real loyalty if it bit them on their collective hineys.

The only arty thing I really have to say here is that you avoid sameface syndrome with such. Mad. Skills. I love it. I adore it. Please teach me your secrets.

Or not, but just know, I am loving all the different facial types and body structures you've got going on here. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

I apologize for the general incoherentness of this comment; I am exhausted.

Anywhosies, yay for this page, looking forward to the next one, the art is beautiful as per usual, the cameos are just bouncing-in-my-chair-worthy, aaaand the relationship the civil umbra have with the people of this town makes me so. Gosh. Darn. Happy. You guys rock.

view HeSerpenty's profile

30th Jan 2017, 1:40 PM


Ahh you have a good eye for foreshadowing! LOL it's like at my work.. we chastise each other whenever someone says "the dog wash hasn't been too busy today"... because then it ALWAYS becomes busy X'D. MEREK YOU SHOULDN"T HAVE SAID IT!

LOL right?? Hahaha that is the whole point of that guys beard was to make you just kinda wanna.. pull off those awful strands. Some people have no sense for what looks good!

Yaay I'm glad you like the cameos! I love having them in here I think they add to it <3. They fit in as serpents quite well, I'd say!
Haha Nisha is a TON of fun I love writing her. No one else could fill my bartender need better I think!

Man, i'm so happy to hear that about their faces! It's always been something important to me, I remember, even from the very beginning! I went out of my way to give everyone a different face shape.. but then I realized it's unavoidable XDD..there's only so many shapes a face could be XDD. Then you focus on facial features...and then most importantly I think its the personality that really makes people look different too X"D. hard to explain... maybe X"DD

Thank you so much, I always look forward to your thoughtful, heartfelt comments! They are my weekly highlight! <3

view JayyLyn's profile

29th Jan 2017, 1:25 PM


ღවꇳවღ PEANUKKLE!! my friend ♡(ŐωŐ人) And Isabella and ALL the cameos are so awesome here!!! THANK YOU SERPY <333333
I like to envision that Isabella is some kind of gecko hybrid that can randomly loses limbs at will and just waits for them to regenerate. Making her the ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT KARACTER.

view HeSerpenty's profile

30th Jan 2017, 1:42 PM


YAY PONY I'm so happy you like it and approve! Hahahahaha I know she has that bad-a*s cyborg arm in AL hahaha.... so poor SoO Isa I guess just has to have a nub LOL. But she bears that nub with pride-- does't stop HER from kicking butt (Carson's XDD) at cards!

Thank you so much for letting me use her! ANd we will see her, along with Mercy and Carson, again! Whenever we at Hoak's! :D

view junoro's profile

1st Feb 2017, 11:45 AM


You've done it again, Serpy! You've made a monster page with more panels that I can count! And it was a blast to read! I love the cuts from the interviews to the reactions of the council people!

I AM nervous about Kalverick getting involved, though...

view HeSerpenty's profile

1st Feb 2017, 8:01 PM


Hahahaha thank you so much Juno! I'm glad it wasn't TOO long or boring or anything like that!

One should always be nervous about Kalverick X"DD

view LeRenardRoux's profile

10th Feb 2017, 9:59 AM


Holy cow, Serpy. This page goes on forever 0_0 You're amazing.

And they're all so adorable, haha. "One table didn't tip me." XD

view HeSerpenty's profile

13th Jun 2017, 12:20 PM


Omg Roux I somehow never replied to this comment D':.. PLEASE FORGIVE!
Yay for new comments showing me my failures on old ones X"D

Yesssss this felt like the neverending page :'D

view merlinnia's profile

13th Jun 2017, 12:00 PM


Poor sensitive Daggot x'D

view HeSerpenty's profile

13th Jun 2017, 12:21 PM


LOLOL! I love how out of the 34235 panels... you picked out the ONE with Daggot XDDDDD

He is, he's so sensitive :'D loolol

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