Chapter 5.30-- First Meeting

posted 31st Dec 2016, 6:00 AM

Chapter 5.30-- First Meeting
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31st Dec 2016, 6:00 AM


Last page of 2016!! And it's late X"D

It's been a rough year for a lot of people; for me it's been a very rough art year. Lots of bad things happened to my art, lots of art BLOCKS, lots of late pages--- 2017 is probably gonna be AWEsome to make up for all of that!

I had more I wanted to say but it's so late and I've forgotten it all :(

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for sticking with me and for your support! Please be safe out there! Any resolutions you wish to share?

Mine are: get my own place, improve my art, improve my time management so that I could perhaps once again produce more than one page in a week!

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31st Dec 2016, 6:21 AM


My question is "Hizruk, do you know that I am your father?"

Happy new year, Serpy! Have a nice one XD My resolution is probably not to have a hiatus

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31st Dec 2016, 12:51 PM


LOL!! Does KEYMEN himself know?? Hahahha

Happy New Year!! That is a good resolution! Moar Re:Set yusss!

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31st Dec 2016, 8:13 AM


Happy New Year!

As for resolutions, I'm going to make sure I don't randomly disappear like last year. SoO is amazing, and the least I can do is comment regularly!

Also, do a bit more with my own stories. I don't have much now, but I'd like to by next year.

Keymen, pal. You are a theory-maker's freaking DREAM! Hizruk not remembering what he did in his red-eyed state is something I've suspected for a while. And now that it's confirmed, I can pull out my other theory, that he did SOMETHING beyond a regular red-eyed state to get himself shut away, but doesn't remember it. Another thing, which is sad, is that stress seems to trigger the red-eyed state, which we now know is not remembered. So therefore Hizruk's line about imprisonment "taking away his childhood" is much more literal. Ow.

Another thing, and I'm not going to stop making theories on no evidence whatsoever, is what this means for Hedran and Hellgiah, the only other people we've seen with red-eyed states (although does Hedran really have it? The weird dream is inconclusive). If they, like Hizruk, don't remember what happens during their red-eyed states, then who does? Or really, who engineered Hellgiah's escape from prison, and the entire fight?

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31st Dec 2016, 1:00 PM


Your resolution has made my day! You have no idea how much I appreciate your comments <33333
Ohhh and yusss! I would be REALLY interested to read your stories! Your insights are always so awesome for SoO, I think seein' what you would do in your work would be fascinating :D

But speaking of your insights! I LOVE them for this page and for the ideas about Hizzy's red-eye state! It definitely does seem like whenever he's been in it.... his 'usual' self is absent completely. Thank goodness tho cuz regular Hizzy can't seem to keep it together in those high stress situations X"D

Funny you should mention Hellgiah and Hedran! :3
More on THAT to come hehe <33

Thank you so much for always being so great and encouraging!

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31st Dec 2016, 8:46 AM


Yes, Keymen, please do figure out this mystery for us! He's so aware of (and almost ok with?) his other self but so not at the same time. Hizzy has so much going on with him, but you've still written him perfectly as a teen would seem lol.

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31st Dec 2016, 1:01 PM


Hahaha that is what Keymen is good for....finding answers to the questions we have XD.

Lololol if there is one thing Hizruk is.... along with everything... it is an angsty teen LOL

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31st Dec 2016, 1:28 PM


"I woke up in your weird house and you wouldn't stop talking."

...Hizruk, this is why you don't have many friends.

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1st Jan 2017, 10:50 AM


Hahaha at least Keymen has a thicker skin than most--- bad teen attitude isn't enough to turn HIM away! XDD

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31st Dec 2016, 3:07 PM


Doctor Keymen is in the house! *cue cheesy talk show theme song*

Now...tell the audience how you feel, Hizruk. Do you remember your red-eyed shtick at all?

As far as New Year's Resolutions, I tend not to really do them cause I'd just end up breaking them, but life wise, I would like to hope to get out of my crumby retail job this year graduating technical college at the very least.
Comic able to do a big story arc I've been building up to this summer involving a certain main character and their parents...

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1st Jan 2017, 10:51 AM


Lololol Keymen WOULD host a show like that XDD

Those are good resolutions! I share the same when it comes to crumby retail job haha.
Best of luck to ya!

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31st Dec 2016, 5:02 PM


Bezerk state keeps its experiences to itself, lovely.

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1st Jan 2017, 10:51 AM


Never let the good half know what the other half is up to! Haha XDD

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31st Dec 2016, 5:04 PM

Matt Knab

Hrm...I didn't remember his house being all that weird. ;)
Happy New Year!!!

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1st Jan 2017, 10:52 AM


Haha well.... Keymen sure DID make a nice looking home outta the abandoned jailhouse.. tho the jailhouse part of it was the first thing Hizzy noticed!

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31st Dec 2016, 7:07 PM


i dont mind late sheesh! Im just hoping we all have a better year! Great page as always!

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1st Jan 2017, 10:53 AM


Gosh've ESPECIALLY had an awful year! This will be a better one :D

Thank you Centy!

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31st Dec 2016, 9:27 PM


Awww, Hizzy, gotta be more trusting! :'D
Oh gosh. I wonder if he has some ideas about whats going on with Hizruk...~

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1st Jan 2017, 10:53 AM


Lolol indeed.. if anyone can figure out what's going on with him it would be Keymen!

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31st Dec 2016, 9:54 PM


Happy New Year, Serpy!!!! I got 3 resolutions for this year.

1. Try to be more aware of the needs of others around me.
2. Spend some time every day working on my music regardless of how tired I am.
3. Keep bugging A friend of mine until she finally adds the vote link as a permanent fixture on her Web-Comic site!

Awesome page as always, and who cares if it's a little late, it IS New Years, after all!

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1st Jan 2017, 10:55 AM


Ohhhhh lolol all very good resolutions! That third one..for whatever reason inspires me :'D LOL (you are right I am going to do that!!)

Thank you so much as always!

31st Dec 2016, 10:37 PM


I love so many things about this page xD
Like, literally all of Keymen and all of Hizruk's faces xDxD
Happy New Year :)

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1st Jan 2017, 11:02 AM


Haha yay thank you so much!
And happy new year to you too! I hope it's a good one!!

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1st Jan 2017, 11:37 AM


"First rule of Berzerk State: Don't talk about Berzerk State.
Second rule of Berzerk State: Don't talk about Berzerk State."

"What happens in Berzerk Stat STAYS in Berzerk State."

My resolutions this year are to continue working on my health and getting back to working more hours/days with my career in the Canadian Military; and to actually start to learn how to use my new Wacom tablet to draw and get started on my OWN ideas...

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1st Jan 2017, 12:26 PM


Haha no truer words have ever been spoke!

Ohh those are good resolutions! I wish you the best in achieving them!
I would be very interested to see your ideas should you ever start them up!

2nd Jan 2017, 7:48 AM


I knew it. Ha. >:]

But really, it makes SO much sense that he doesn't remember a thing when he goes all red-eyed, and I'm very glad that's the case. I've actually experienced a short, stress/shock-induced memory blackout before (remember the car crash conversation?) so seeing that in here just makes me happy because of how much sense it makes. Also because it means that I correctly picked up on all the clues, yaaaaay~

Besides, that tends to be a rule when it comes to going nuts with power/primal energy/whatever the heckies is going on - it's a tradeoff of immense strength for rational thought and the ability to remember anything that happened whilst in it. Kind of like berserking barbarians in D&D style worlds. It's a recurring theme in fiction, and it's always nice to see it done well. Here, its being done well.

Moving on, I know I told you this earlier, but now I'm going to elaborate on it: Keymen fills so many integral plot roles it's astounding and a pleasure. Let's see. Hizruk's mentor, the man who will likely be coming to all the correct conclusions/theories and discovering what's really going on and therefore able to clue US in to the state of things, quite possibly the entire reason any of this plot can even happen, certainly someone to get the ball rolling (who did many, many years ago, if I'm reading any of this right)...

Keymen, you are a writer's dream. Keep being awesome.

The dialogue in this page is great too. It really cements the roles and relationship between these two in place - angsty teenager, meet 'I take none of your nonsense' mentor. It's fun, it's important, it's satisfying, and I love it.

Art wise, spectacular, as usual, but the... fourth panel, I believe, looks a little off. The 'pat-pat' panel. Wonky perspective, I think, but I wouldn't have a clue how to go about fixing it.

On the other hand, the last panel with Keymen is superb. I don't think he's ever looked better. And the thought/dialogue content - I just really love that panel, okay? XD

And HIZRUK! All his perfectly accurate angsty teenager faces. YES. WIN. :D

Also quite in love with the panel where Keymen asks him if he remembers attacking him in the woods, in part because again, dialogue, but I LOVE Hizruk's face at the bottom. Just showing the top half of his face, no mouth... it works. It works WELL.

As for resolutions... weeeell... I kinda completely forgot to actually make any so I just sorta made a couple up yesterday morning when I realized I hadn't bothered. It's nothing special, just a resolution to create every day. Draw/write something every day, basically. I need better creating habits.

And I still wanna get my dumb comic started this month, so HERE'S HOPING! (Does that count as a resolution? Please say yes. ._.)

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4th Jan 2017, 1:38 AM


Ohhh yes I remember that conversation! Man, that's awful X"D. But indeed stress-induced blackouts are a DEFINITE thing!
It's also worth noting that even tho Hizruk doesn't remember what he did in red-eye state, he never questions the result of it despite not knowing how he got there X"D.

Yusss thank you so much for all your insights about Keymen! He really is my key character in all this...even if he's not THE main man! I have to say the relationship that develops between Keymen and Hizzy is something I've been obsessed with for like 12 years LOL.... so.... I'm having fun here. I am glad that you enjoy it! :D

Those are wonderful resolutions that you have! I have faith that you will be able to keep them and I'm lookin' forward to that comic of yours!

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2nd Jan 2017, 9:51 PM


Ooh...blackouts? Interesting. I wonder who is really in control when he goes red-eyed?
I love how much of a petulant teen Hizruk is in the beginning of the page XD

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4th Jan 2017, 1:41 AM


Hehe that is an interesting question!! And one with.... hmmmm perhaps a couple different answers ;D

Thankyou! LOL with everything weird that goes on with Hizzy, I've always enjoyed the moody teenage side to him hahaha!

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5th Jan 2017, 10:10 AM


I get the art block thing...

2017 is going to be a great artistic year for the people of comicfury!!! :D

Keymen, always thinking. That's our guy.

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10th Jan 2017, 1:57 AM


Yusss I couldn't agree more!

LOL yes... yes he is X"D. Unlike Hizruk, Keymen is good at thinking :P

I hope you are doing well, alston!!

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9th Jan 2017, 5:06 AM


Keymen really needs to have some fun with this.

"Hizruk, don't you remember running around in a full Ronald McDonald costume singing the Barney theme song???"

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10th Jan 2017, 1:57 AM


LOL!!! I know right? This is such a prime opportunity!

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15th Jan 2017, 7:22 PM


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22nd Jan 2017, 9:34 PM


LOL!! That face.. omg X"DD

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