Chapter 5.9-- Sorry Officer

posted 5th Aug 2016, 1:15 PM

Chapter 5.9-- Sorry Officer
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5th Aug 2016, 1:15 PM


Oh Keymen.. if I were a cop, I'd probably write you a ticket EVERY time X"D.

Hay everyone! So if you're interested in reading a 100% canon deleted scene between Hizruk and Gwynn that was originally supposed to take place before this scene...

----->YOU CAN READ IT HERE :D<-----

The reasons I deleted it are in the comment section when you follow the link X)

DANGIT show and tell has to be pushed til I get back from work-- I ran out of time! SO much linkage. Sorry about that!


Have a great weekend! *diesX'D*

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6th Aug 2016, 1:49 AM


Okay now time for the show and tell portion of this update!

A few weeks ago on my birthday I was blessed by many people with wonderful fan arts! Right after this, I lost everything on my computer X”D-- Thank you, internet!

To see the full size version of each pic just click on the thumbnail!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

In order a HUGE thank you to: Alicia, AzureXTwilight, Revzet, Alston123, MST3KFan, Shirokuro, argylefox, ProfEtheric, Jarvi, MoonLotus_Hime, TheD-Wrek, Junoro, CiciEnixa, and LeRenardRoux for seriously making my birthday a truly special day! Being born 26 years ago was WORTH IT for all of these <33

That's show and tell! I hope you guys will click on those images and find some wonderful other comics to read through the banners! They're all worth the time, trust me!

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5th Aug 2016, 1:20 PM


Are those two on... parking enforcement?!?!


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5th Aug 2016, 2:23 PM

Matt Knab

SOMEBODY'S gotta be on parking duty. ;)

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 9:54 AM



Weeell Matt is right! Someone' gotta uphold the law! This is very serious business... X"D

view MST3KFan's profile

5th Aug 2016, 2:10 PM


Keymen seems to be able to talk his way out of practically anything, and fix a guy's injury as if it were nothing. XD

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 9:55 AM


It's one skill he's mastered over the years! Talking X'D

Haha weeell he did say it was a "MINOR" dilocation hehe <3

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5th Aug 2016, 2:31 PM


The Lacors are super duper cute, gah :D

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 9:55 AM


Lolol thank yooou! I personally love it when they appear X'D <3

view Alicia's profile

5th Aug 2016, 3:44 PM


Ha ha, Flavius looks SUPER UPSET that he hurt the poor man's hand. X'D

Keymen is such a sly devil. <3

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 9:56 AM


LOL indeed! He's all tore up about it, just look at him X'D

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5th Aug 2016, 4:51 PM


What was I THINKING on the last page? I'm starting to think Keyman could talk Satan into giving up HIS soul!!!!

Regarding your Deleted scene, it was awesome. I understand why you felt the need to move things along, but on the other hand, IMHO one of the best things about Serpents of Old is the full rich well rounded characters. So in summary, I have mixed feelings about the scene being deleted

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 9:59 AM


LOL! Weeell Keymen would take that as a huge, HUGE compliment <33

Thank you for your honest feedback about the deleted scene! I struggled for a long time with whether or not to delete it. Another reason I didn't share is also because there is another heart-to-heart I have planned with them later on after a certain event X). But I'm really glad you read the deleted scene and enjoyed it! It's encouraging to know the scene I wasn't sure about would have been well received! <3333

view TheD-Wrek's profile

5th Aug 2016, 5:08 PM


They're on Serpy-Horse meter maid patrol~ :)

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:07 AM


Haha me thinks they're just trying to find SOMETHING to pin on him XDDD

view lifelight's profile

5th Aug 2016, 7:15 PM


lol Keyman you are my dream man!! ❤️
And I like the deleted scene! Hizruk has such a good mommy >w<

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:08 AM


LOlolol he is honored! <333

And thank you so much for reading it! He really does <333--- thank goodness I'd hate to see how he'd be if there wasn't SOMEone who adored him in his life X"D

view Slim Kittens's profile

5th Aug 2016, 7:30 PM

Slim Kittens

Panel 4:
Keymen: "FLAVIUS! You naughty boy, how could you??" *surreptiously slips Flavius a treat*

Panel 11:
Keymen: "Brace yourself, this is going to be...very painful (heehee)"

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:08 AM


LOL!!! Extremely accurate.. both accounts X'D

Yea as you can see Keymen is very distraught his Lacor pulled this guy's hand out of it's socket X'D

view azureXtwilight's profile

5th Aug 2016, 7:36 PM


They are very capable guard dogs! Good job, qtpies <3

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:09 AM


Lol yes! EVERYONE should have a serpent-horse to keep us aware <33

view ProfEtheric's profile

5th Aug 2016, 9:43 PM


I for reals feel sorry for these guys... heheheheheheheh...

I wouldn't have had the heart to cut the scene. It's a great scene! :)

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:11 AM


Lololol, I can tell Prof <3. I can tell :P

Thank you for reading it!! I really struggled with it X'D-- I just have sooo much planned for the chapter, I figured it was the best thing. It's hard to do this webcomic-ing thing sometimes, amiright? lol X"D

view Blissarda's profile

5th Aug 2016, 11:57 PM


Now I see what made that sound, it seems like Keymen knows how to pick them... And I am also sure that he is happily "healing" that poor soul.

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:12 AM


Lol yep! Some ruckus outside...caused by his beats ripping some guys hand outta it's socket hehe :3. He's VERY concerned for him yes (LOL)

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6th Aug 2016, 6:17 AM



view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:12 AM



<3333 lolol

view Seabiscuit's profile

6th Aug 2016, 8:06 AM


Pffft. No sympathy for this nosy idiot and his hand!

view HeSerpenty's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:13 AM


Couldn't have said it better myself, Sea! <3 lololol

view alston123's profile

6th Aug 2016, 2:51 PM


Aw, thanks for the shout out, Serpy. :3

Oh, Keymen, you're forever a sneaky one. :3

I wonder where he learned to do that with a hand.... O_o :P

view HeSerpenty's profile

7th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM


Thank YOU, alston!!! I seriously love your gift so much! And always appreciate your kindness and support! You are awesome <33

Hehehe perhaps own personal experience? Hehehe he knows how to do LOTS of crazy things, that crazy Keymen X'D

view CiciEnixa's profile

6th Aug 2016, 5:27 PM


I didn't get my hand bitten by some adorable snake horsie, but there was a time I twisted my foot methinks and I just popped it back to normal. Fun times XD

Be very worried, Keymen.

view HeSerpenty's profile

7th Aug 2016, 12:09 AM


O gosh Cici that sounds HORRIBLE X"D. Thankfully i never had to pop any parts of my body back into place x"D. Just looking at the pictures of dislocated fingers and such while doing research for this page freaked me out LOL.

Ohhh maybe he SHOULD be worried buuuut he never is X"D. That guuuy XDD

view HapyCow's profile

6th Aug 2016, 10:10 PM


Aw lookit those cuties! :D Keymen's becoming one of my fav characters, he's a lot of fun :) And his mysterious sad past is interesting too. o.o Anyway great work as usual and happy late birthday!

view HeSerpenty's profile

7th Aug 2016, 1:40 PM


Eee I'm so happy to hear that, Hapy! LOL I really want Keymen to be well received <333--- he's one of the most essential characters around!

I'm so happy to see you back here ya have no idea <33 (weshouldhangoutsometimesoonhehe). Thank you for the belated Bday wishes! It was a good day! :D

view Outlaw's profile

7th Aug 2016, 4:20 PM


Hahah, I don't know whether to applaud the Lacor for taking out a freakin' NINJA! Or boo the ninja for literally complaining about a broken hand! He needs to go back to ninja school!

Seriously though, solid update, my friend. Keep up the great work.

view HeSerpenty's profile

8th Aug 2016, 12:30 PM


LOL! I'm not sure if these guys deserve "ninja status" hahhaha

Thank you so much!! <333

view Shirokuro's profile

8th Aug 2016, 9:51 AM


Oh keyman. ..the sass is strong with this one lol xD

view HeSerpenty's profile

8th Aug 2016, 12:30 PM


Hahahahaha very strong X'D <3

view gideonland's profile

8th Aug 2016, 11:40 AM


Do these officers not know who he is? Keyman probably wrote those laws he's breaking haha.
Or they're just acting like they don't know and are spying on him, right?

Also, that deleted scene? Whyyy? The family, touching scenes are the best in comics. Draw it out and include it in the book when you do the prints.
Nice looking page! I'm trying my best to keep up. Lol

view HeSerpenty's profile

8th Aug 2016, 12:31 PM


Hahaha RIGHT? Lolol
It's funny you should say all that X)) hehe

Aw thank you so much for reading it and for the feedback! I liked it... wanted to have it, but in the end I figured for pacing purposes it was best to leave it out X"D. But don't worry! I do have plans for more family touching moments in this chapter! (another reason I prolly opted to cut it X'D)

view Centcomm's profile

9th Aug 2016, 4:45 AM


heheh couldnt have happened to a nicer pair of ( deleted ) hehehe and yep its official- I like Keymen a lot!

view HeSerpenty's profile

9th Aug 2016, 8:43 AM


LOL centy!
Thank you so much, that makes me so happy! :D :D

view Jarvi's profile

10th Aug 2016, 11:07 AM


They're roaming free on purpose I suppose :P To get rid/ warm him about uninvited guests :P

view HeSerpenty's profile

10th Aug 2016, 11:12 PM


Hahahah exactly!
Good little guard dogs <3. except they're big and... nnnnot dogs XD

view raytoons's profile

26th Aug 2016, 12:28 PM


I don't know why, but this page made the movie "Open Range" pop up in my head. I guess its the thing about the Lacors being lose.

view HeSerpenty's profile

26th Aug 2016, 4:46 PM


LOL so at first I imagined you meant that Disney movie about the cows and I was all like 'nuuuuu' XDD... but that is called "HOME on the Range" XDD

Hahaha thank you! Yea that could be it X'DD. Sometimes I get sad I didn't make a western... I love westerns :')

Hey also thank you very much for the sub! Means a lot! <3

view junoro's profile

20th Sep 2016, 11:29 AM


Oh my word, Keymen's expressions on this page are SO GREAT. And FLAVIUS, with that little '<3'! Just so you know panel 8 is now in my Top 100 Keymen Expressions

view HeSerpenty's profile

20th Sep 2016, 2:11 PM


LOL! omg that makes me so happy! Hahaha o my I'm curious about the rest of the 99 expressions LOL

Thank you so much! Flavius is very loving.. usually...except for when he's dislocating hands x"DD

view junoro's profile

20th Sep 2016, 3:14 PM


Hehe oops, I miscounted the panels! Panel 7 is actually #1 of the Top 100 Keymen Expressions! Panel 8 is pretty great too, though!

view Chippewa Ghost's profile

10th Dec 2016, 9:09 PM

Chippewa Ghost

Keymen is pretty ruthless for a "healer"...

view HeSerpenty's profile

10th Dec 2016, 10:23 PM


Haha! You have noooo idea! ;D XDD

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