Chapter 6.1-- Have Faith in Me

posted 21st Aug 2017, 5:14 PM

Chapter 6.1-- Have Faith in Me
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21st Aug 2017, 5:14 PM


You guys didn't think I'd forget about Shera, did ya? XDD

Ugh I HATE referring back to first pages, but Grandad's last line is a little nod to SoO's very first scene! (which WILL be redrawn btw). If you need a refresher... here it is! :D

What can I say you guys? I'm starting next page right now-- I'm dreaming of Friday updates X"D

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21st Aug 2017, 5:40 PM


Nice to see Shera again after so long. I do wonder though...the third to last panel shows a facial expression of someone determined to do say go back to ensure their grandfather's safety...

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21st Aug 2017, 5:43 PM


Thank you for the pagey goodness

Damn Serpenty great page .. the feels! I also really like granddad.

and im really glad you didnt forget about Shera. Hugs her tight.

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21st Aug 2017, 8:13 PM


Oh man... after everything that has happened, Shera is a changed girl. I wonder what this is gonna mean for all our friends in the serpent nation though. T_T This... could be bad, whatever it is.

Great page, Serpy! I love the pacing and the interlacing between the two time frames.

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22nd Aug 2017, 2:22 PM


i liked Grampa the first time around, but I'm getting a bad feeling that Shara's about to do something stupid here.

Maybe it's just me...

I'm also starting to get the idea that Merick is being set up to take the fall for this, and I don't like that one little bit...

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22nd Aug 2017, 5:42 PM


Ohhh, its been a while!
Well, she seems well- and determined D:

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22nd Aug 2017, 6:20 PM


That link back was great, but also made me sad after knowing what happens :'D aw geez.

I LOVE the emotions on this page Serpy, they're amazing and you captured them perfectly ;__;* especially that second-last panel embrace, my feeeeelzzz

Also I, uh, do not have a good premonition on what's going to happen to grandpa. After seeing Shera on the cover, I'm thinking that only bad things await as only something awful could push this girl that far. T_T

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