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13th Sep 2020, 10:54 PM


Some Health Stuff and Update News!

Hey everyone! Well, I meant to write this a couple days ago....but obviously this week's page is gonna be a few days late--- OR I prefer to think of it as NEXT week's page a few days early XD. Sounds better.

Last Sunday, I had an exciting little trip to the ER. I'm okay!  I was having some symptoms on my face that resembled a stroke, so my Mom wasn't having that XDD. But THANKfully it was nothing of the sort--- just a spout of "Bells Palsy" lol. Don't know why it happened--- they say a common cause is some sort of virus that inflames the facial nerves. The doc gave me an anti-viral and some steroid pills for the inflammation and it seemed to do the trick! 
My face is MUCH much better now-- all that's left for the symptoms is my right eye blinks slower (at least it's closing now--- ever try to go to sleep when your eye won't close? lol).

Aaanyway...I never been on any sort of meds before so the first few days were kinda rough. Achey all over, nauseous, and I'm pretty sure the pills made me depressed. Again, MUCH better now... but I didn't feel like stressing myself out over the page. SO! It's going to update within the next couple of days...and then regular updates will once again continue not this coming Friday but the next one. 

I know this is a lot of personal info! I don't mind being open about it, but I sure didn't want to pollute the author comments with it under the next page. Some people just wanna read the dang comic, you know what I mean?? 

I just want to thank you guys for subbing and reading and commenting and sticking with me all this time! It means A LOT to me and keeps me going! And I hope you will continue to stick around because I AM really excited for the rest of the chapter...and story XD.

So yea! November this dam thing will have been updating for 8 years :'D. Crazy. 

Anyways! See you guys soon with a new page!


7th Aug 2020, 9:33 PM


Alas...Here I am Again

Hey everyone!
I got feedback that you guys got the blog post last time so I'm back again with another one!

As you already know, my dilemma last weekend with my grandma set me back on the page update, and now this Friday I left out of town, unable to catch up despite Alicia's amazing efforts to have the lines/color flats done on time. It's all on me X"D. So rather than stress myself out to push out a late page and then struggle to get the next one out on time while I'm out of town and behind on my actual PAID work, lol, I made the decision that I will save the half finished page I have now for NEXT Friday and get myself caught up and back on track. I will be back home in time for the week after, so things should all be normal!

I know all of you are understanding, haha, but it makes me feel better to communicate. Startting next Friday we will get back to weekly Friday updates!

Thank you so much for reading Serpents and for sticking around! <3

31st Jul 2020, 10:09 PM


Page Delay

Lol I don't even know or how this feature would work on my site, buut I hope all of SoO's subscribers will get this notification! I'd rather not post an unfinished page, but I'd like to communicate what is going on.
My maternal grandmother (my paternal grandmother is the one I am living with and caregiving for) fell and broke her wrist this week so I drove 2 and a half hours to spend the weekend with her and help her out. I planned to work on my page after she went to bed, but..unfortunately I left without packing my tablet chord.
I'm going to call the local walmart and Best Buy to see what they might have to offer and if it's a reasonable price I'll purchase a new cord (doesn't hurt to have more than one anyway for these things) and get the page posted tomorrow. If the price is too much, I will just have to work on it when I go home Sunday evening... so the page may not come out until Monday morning. 
I know such a thing really isn't a big deal but I always like to keep people posted when I won't live up to any expectation. 
I also accidentally saved over my entire chapter 8 script and can't get it back -_-. So Uh...I guess I can always work on that in my down time too :/. My middle name should be "Do-Over" because of how much work I end up having to redo  X"D

15th Mar 2014, 11:57 PM



I know I had said before that I wanted to try to get out 2 updates in a week.... but due to day job, debts, family matters, and faulty equipment my production is a little delayed. Don't worry the word "hiatus" is foreign to me! You'll still get at least 1 update per week but I'm just letting you know they may actually be 7 days apart. I really try hard to get the next page out before a 7 day period... but having no buffer with the way I color my pages... it's very difficult with all the stress I'm in. But things are about to get interesting!! So please be patient! When things come together in my life I'll be able to put more focus into poppin out more pages :D