Your S.o.O OCs!

Now this is exciting! Here we have all the original characters created by fans FOR the comic itself! I will provide a link to their creators AND a link to wherever you can read the characer's bio. If you haven't already you're more than welcome to join the fun! The "Serpents of Old" universe is a vast one and I intend for the story to be long.. so why not invest in it?? All credit for the character will go to the creator every time he or she appears.

If you are interested please read the all-important 


and then send me a PM!


AL by SurpriseItsAlexis


Cassandra Seng by Chibi-Tohru

Ian and Cassandra by Chibi-tohru

Mr. and Mrs. Seng by Chibi-tohru

Tia by Dreamfollower


Beleg by I-see-ghosts


Greysha by After-the-Breaking


Charisse by CHatterBOx010

Etzel by CHatterBOx010


Greken by Jesus Munoz


Taya and Jasmine by BrickercupMasterX3


Ryder by Alicia

Wex and Jules by EcM  <3

Nisha by Hapycow


Lycoris (The Ghost) by WolfsharkCC

Mara and Tael by PearOfDiscord

Rewald by BattlePyramid


Delilah by TheD-Wrek


Eliza by EmmaDilemma



Kyle by Rufiangel



Mylon and Myra by MST3KFan


Abbaline by Ten Penny Officer



Octavia by Centcomm



Syrus and Sonya by Zartala


Mirabet and Danrean by Lear-is-not-amused


SOO OC - Zen and Mai by azureXtwilight-rllz

Zen and Mai by azureXtwilight

Sid by Alicia 


Zara by LilBlueBox

And there ya have it! For now ^_^

Like I said if you're interested and have any questions please shoot me a private message! If I have a need for a specific type of character it's more likely that I'll use him or her more often in the it never hurts to ask!

If you have a DA you can join the 


where you can easily submit your characters and interact with the others OR ask me questions!